Niels Oeltjen

»Nils Earlt·yen«

[¹Artist] + [²Design Technologist]


My creative output traverses art, design, and code

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My art practice emerged from my involvement in Melbourne’s graffiti and street art scene of the 2Ks, and has settled into a project-based practice conceptually rooted at the intersection of code, natural forms, and visual symbols


I exploit commonalities across disciplines to create functional and engaging outcomes. Solutions are collaboratively designed with systems that may include mental frameworks, styleguides, UI design systems, design processes, and tooling.


The facets of my creative practice include:

  1. Contemporary art
  2. Interactive design
  3. Typographic design
  4. Software programming
  5. UI design
  6. Illustration
  7. Branding
  8. Apparel design


Employed at Biteable


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Fonts are IBM Plex Mono 300 and UnifrakturCook.
Design and development by me.