Niels Oeltjen

»Nils Earlt·yen«

[¹Artist] + [²Design Technologist]

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My creative output traverses art, design, and code


I exploit a multi­disciplinary skill­set to create funct­ional and engag­ing out­comes. Solut­ions are collaborat­ively designed with systems that may include concep­tual frame­works, style­guides, UI design sys­tems, design pro­cesses, and tooling.


My art pract­ice emerged from my involve­ment in Melbourne’s graffiti and street art scene of the 2Ks, and has settled into a project-based practice concept­ually rooted at the inter­section of code, natural forms, and visual symbols


  1. Contem­porary art
  2. Inter­active design
  3. UI design
  4. Typo­graphic design
  5. Soft­ware pro­gramming
  6. Illust­ration
  7. Brand­ing
  8. App­arel design


Employed at Movember


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Fonts are IBM Plex Mono 300 and UnifrakturCook.
Design and development by me.